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What if I told you there’s a way that you (yes you!) could survive any holiday experience with less stress and more peace of mind?

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Chakras and energy are two of my favorite topics to talk about! Today, I want to share with you a simple practice I use every day and know I will rely on throughout the holiday season. Read more...

On the Brink -Podcast interview

Listen to an interview with Dr. Liz

SOMA Breath

I've been trying meditation and mindfulness for about 15 years but I've never found a practice that I love or that I could turn into a daily commitment. After a week or two, I'd let the practice go and return to my old routine until the next time I picked it up. There is an abundance of research that informs us that meditation is vital to our health on all levels. Honestly, I've tried it all: chanting, mindful focal points, guided, following my breath, but nothing brought me the bliss that I have heard of and really yearned for. And, most importantly, nothing had me coming back for more.

A few months ago, I was inspired to begin a deep dive into breath work. I thought this could be a tool that I would teach my clients to manage stress in today's crazy world. I had no idea what I would uncover. I looked into so many programs! One in Bali looked especially promising...but a global shutdown put a stop to all that daydreaming, so I looked deeper. Then I found an online program through SOMA Breath. It looked promising so I signed up for the 21 Day Awakening. AND. IT. CHANGED. MY. LIFE.

I found that bliss and I didn't have to go on a silent retreat and sit in lotus pose for hours on end. It's easy and accessible to all of us! I pulled this description from the SOMA Breath website:

Ancient Breathing Techniques Combined With Modern Technology Makes This Revolutionary Meditation Experience Highly Enjoyable While Also Increasing Your Energy, Health & Well being In Minutes.

Who doesn't want this, right!?!

Below I share some programs that SOMA offers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!!! Stay tuned...I started the instructor training last week and I look forward to offering Zoom SOMA Breath classes as soon as I am certified!

Try some of these SOMA Offerings:

  • You can take advantage of this free mini-course.
  • The daily dose is for a guided meditation for both morning, and before bed. This is a pre-recorded offering.
  • If you really want to dive deep into SOMA breath work, you can sign up for the 21 day awakening challenge. You can do this with a live call or all pre-recorded. I did the live call and really enjoyed it. It's will grow you...and hopefully you love it as much as I have.