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Dr Liz's healing group has been transformational! The group is interactive and packed full of clearings, tools and techniques to incorporate into your own personal practice. She offers an invitation to connect back to the essence of yourself by way of self love.

I've done many sessions with Dr. Liz but this has been my first group experience. It's difficult to put into words how powerful it is when a group of people come together with the same intention - to live our best life. The group is interactive and everyone is welcome to participate at their own level of comfort. With a voice like honey, I look forward to each of our weekly sessions and am grateful for the space these healings have created in my life allowing my best self to shine through. If you feel drawn to this group, now is your time!

- Stephanie

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Having worked in the holistic healing field for 20 years, I was extremely frustrated when I hit a road block curing my Autoimmune condition. That road block was addressed and cleared through the powerful work of Dr. Liz. With Emotion Code and Body Code she aided me in quickly releasing the emotional wounds that were contributing to my condition. I’ve continued to work with Dr. Liz to clear everything from emotional baggage to viruses/pathogens and have referred countless clients to her for energetic healing with wonderful feedback. I highly recommend her!

- Regina

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If you have that feeling of being stuck, or if you’ve reached a wall when it comes to your personal or professional success Dr. Liz helps you to break the cycle. Her gentle, nurturing, and non-judgmental approach does help you to heal “essentially”.

Dr. Liz has been a huge help for me. In sessions with her I’ve been able to let go of a lot of emotional baggage and in essence cleared out the bad energy in my life and create space for the new. Thank you Dr. Liz!


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I cannot truly express the difference that Dr. Liz has made in my life! I knew some things were just not right or clicking in my life and Dr. Liz was able to access many of these things and remove these interferences from my inner being. Her intuitive healing is spot on for my needs. She has also provided me with tools so that I can be the best possible ME. Thank you Dr. Liz, you are a lifesaver!

- John

angelic healing garden

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and in working with Dr. Liz I was introduced to new ways of healing: powerful ways of healing that have impacted me on every level - emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The energy work and angelic healing she has done with me have altered how I know myself and how I interact with others.

It is important to me that I do not have to dive deep into memories or unearth and name places of deep internal shame for the process of healing to take place. Hurtful incidents from my past have been gently addressed and pain relieved through a process that is affirming and safe.

I have heard personal growth described as peeling back the layers of an onion. As more of my layers are peeled back, a sense of gratitude and joy emerges. I am more myself and freer to love myself and others without fear, hesitation or judgment. Most surprisingly, I experience an awe and wonder about who we all are spiritually or energetically or soulfully.

- Betsy

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Liz, I want to thank you again, for instead of being an anxious, depressed human, I feel alive for the first time in my life. After completing your long-distance healing program, I no longer feel as if I have a black cloud hovering over me, waiting to fall at any given moment. I am truly living in the moment, and it is the most spectacular feeling in the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

- Cathy

personal healing waterfall

My healing sessions with Dr. Liz have been absolutely amazing and life changing! I have noticed a significant positive change in my overall demeanor that have impacted my relationships and life for the better. I feel more free than I ever have from the unconscious chains that were holding me back and I feel like I am stepping into the best version of myself. I am extremely grateful to Liz for assisting me in this healing journey and being so supportive and knowledgeable. I now recommend energy healing with Liz to all my friends and family!

- Lindsay