2021 Monthly Reset

Clear Your Path

This program is called The 2021 Monthly Reset. As we all pivoted to a new reality in 2020, I began to notice monthly trends in the clearings I was doing for clients. I would see the same unusual low frequency energy show up over and over again! That wasn't entirely unheard of in previous years, yet in Spring of 2020 it became remarkable.

In this hour long session, I will clear all that I've been guided to clear for you, all of the monthly themes moving through for the collective, and will save time for specific requests.

This program is a great offering for you if:

  • You are someone who would like a booster session but tends to not make the time for yourself.

  • You have been one of the clients that the monthly themes come through for. I tend to share this with a "Wow, this is coming though for almost everyone this month!"

  • Individual sessions are not in your budget.

  • This message feels aligned and light for you.

This program will be held the last Thursday of each month at 12pm EST. There will be a recording available that is just as potent as being here live.

Here's what people are saying about the 2021 Reset...

Dr Liz's healing group has been transformational! The group is interactive and packed full of clearings, tools and techniques to incorporate into your own personal practice. She offers an invitation to connect back to the essence of yourself by way of self love.

I've done many sessions with Dr. Liz but this has been my first group experience. It's difficult to put into words how powerful it is when a group of people come together with the same intention - to live our best life. The group is interactive and everyone is welcome to participate at their own level of comfort. With a voice like honey, I look forward to each of our weekly sessions and am grateful for the space these healings have created in my life allowing my best self to shine through. If you feel drawn to this group, now is your time!

- Stephanie

Working with Dr. Liz has been life changing for my wife, kids and I. We all feel lighter and less burdened by the negative energies in the world. We participated in two group programs in 2020 and my wife and I feel these group offerings truly allowed us to learn the skills we needed to be our own healers and how best we could protect our energy day in and day out. And all of this at a much more affordable cost than working with Dr. Liz individually while also getting the added benefit of connecting and learning from the other participants in the group. With the major energetic shifts in the last year, this has allowed our family to live without fear which is priceless. 2021 Reset was powerful for us and we can't wait to see what this program has in store for the rest of the year!! I highly recommend Dr. Liz's group programs!

-Jason, Cary, NC.