The Healy

Healy is a wearable and portable micro-current and frequency device with over 120 programs and 144,000 frequencies designed to optimize the body's cellular, emotional and energetic levels to activate self-healing and bring you back into bio-energetic balance. It is the new sister company to Time Waver Frequency Therapy, a German company with over 12 years of experience being used by physicians in Europe. Healy is in 45 countries since it's development in 2019. And now it has been cleared by the FDA in March of this year. The devices have been available for sale since May 1. The slogan is "it's not science fiction, it's science"; because it works through quantum physics and micro current and frequency therapy.

Healy is unique due to it's patented quantum sensor in the device. The Healy device has 3 ways of working in conjunction with your cell phone, tablet or Ipad. The Healy app's are downloaded onto your phone and the software is operated that way. The first method of use is through applying micro currents (amps) with wrist bands or adhesive pads directed at the cellular level of the body. Second method is by sending vibrational frequency through intention to the quantum energetic field of the body. The third is also through intention and vibrational frequencies; AND it analyzes your bodies energetic field at that moment to find what where your imbalances are and it tells you what frequencies you need to treat yourself. The objective is to improve the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological health of a person. The premise is that every cell of our body has a cell membrane that should be at -70 to -90 mili volts for optimum health. As we age we begin to experience health symptoms due to our environment and life styles; and the ATP energy of our cells declines. The Healy is intended to raise our ATP energy, support and balance the health of the cells, and improve our well being.

There are 4 options when you buy the Healy device. They are Healy Gold, Healy Holistic Health, Healy Holistic Health Plus and Resonance. Each option has 6 to 8 more programs than the one before it, and the Resonance has all of them. I bought the Resonance because it has all 120 programs and it analyzes your total body in minutes and gives a recommendation for what programs you need to use. It also does an aura and chakra analysis. It even offers the capability to do this at a distance to treat others, because the Resonance works on frequencies and micro currents and the others options work on micro currents only.

If you are one who likes to understand the how's of things or really love science, I recommend this video (about 50mins) HERE I also highly recommend Dr. McMakin's new book The Resonance Effect, How Frequency Specific Micro-current is Changing Medicne.

If you'd like to hear the founder/creator of the Healy talk about the quantum physics behind this little device, watch (about 30mins) HERE