Emotion and Body Code

What is the Emotion and Body Code?

The Emotion and Body Code is a form of Energy work, where we identify and correct the different imbalances that cause all kinds of physical and emotional problems for people. A lot of it deals with the health of the energy body where we release trapped emotional energies (emotional baggage) and correct blocked chakras and meridians and such. There is a physical side as well where we look for things like infections, toxins, nutritional deficiencies and structural imbalances and address those according to whatever the client's body needs. Basically, this work is all about removing imbalance in order to make conditions right for the body to heal itself.

Your body has an incredible, innate ability to bounce back and heal itself from all kinds of stress, trauma, and illness. This self-healing ability is dependent on the right conditions; if your body is imbalanced, it won't be able to heal itself as well as it should. Imbalance allows for problems to build up over time. Most people are in this kind of state and suffering in some way, but the good news is that this process is often completely reversible.

​Your subconscious mind is the ultra intelligent computer system of your body. It knows exactly what you need in order to achieve balance in the six key areas of Health. We use specific questioning, charts and muscle testing to get precise answers from your subconscious about imbalances in your body that need to be addressed.

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What to Expect

When you come in for your initial session, you will be welcomed into a warm and safe environment. Dr. Liz will take the time to best understand the ways that you would like your life to improve and your goals for working together. She will then explain the energy work that will be done, including showing you the Body Code Maps and even teaching you how to muscle test so that you best understand the process. Some clients prefer to rest on a massage table, while some choose to sit and observe the work.

Trapped Emotion

Just about everyone has some amount of emotional baggage from painful life events, right? Emotional baggage is very real, and although it's invisible it can easily disrupt your happiness, your success and your health.

It's like lugging around a suitcase from every difficult event you've gone through; eventually the load gets too heavy not to notice. Let’s call each "suitcase" a Trapped Emotion; a bit of emotional energy that was created, by you, during an emotional event, that then got stuck in your body somewhere.

Trapped Emotions are literally like balls of energy, vibrating at different frequencies depending on what the emotion is (for example, Anger is a different vibration than Sadness or Insecurity).

Six Essential Factors of Balanced Health

of Body Code



Destructive and often elusive infections can be easily identified along with any necessary remedies to rid the body of them.

nutritional support


This can be straightforward nutrition deficiency as well as imbalances like dehydration, magnetic field deficiency, or need for a certain healing food or herb.

personal balance physical


Imbalance in the bones, organs, connective tissue, muscles and nerves can be cleared to gently restore stability to the physical body.

energy cloud


We use simple yet powerful energy work to remove damaging emotional and mental energy is that became trapped in the body during stressful emotional events or traumas.

human circuitry


Here we balance the energy systems of the body including the chakras, the acupuncture meridians, the connection of the spiritual and physical body and the energy circuits of the organs and glands.

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The body code can identify an address toxic agents such as heavy metals and environmental toxins