Angelic Healing

What is Angelic Healing?

Angelic Healing is a powerful energy healing modality in which Dr. Liz will channel Angels and Archangels to provide past life and inner child healings and access Akashic Records. She may also facilitate journeys to connect you with your Birthright to experience Divine presence and love. When guided, Soul Integration or DNA Activation may be facilitated. These energy healing sessions will raise your vibration and offer a powerful energetic shift. If you are feeling drained and heavy, or have been working on an area of you life without the change you seek, then Angelic Healing is for you.

What to Expect

When you come in for your initial session, you will be welcomed into a warm and safe environment. Dr. Liz will take the time to best understand the ways that you would like your life to improve and your goals for working together. She will then explain the energy work that will be done, including showing you the Body Code Maps and even teaching you how to muscle test so that you best understand the process. Some clients prefer to rest on a massage table, while some choose to sit and observe the work.


As a Trainer, Coach and Healer myself, I am on a path dedicated to learning, growth and expansion. Having experienced possibly all the different kinds of healing modalities in various places around the world, I have done more than your average soul seeker in terms of the inner work. However, there were still a few final pieces of the puzzle I had not quite pieced together to find the answers and resolve I was looking for.

Prior to seeing Dr Liz, I was suffering with brain pain to which a doctor had told me was Bulbospinal Neurotherapy. I had also tried everything to overcome Trichotillomania, a hair pulling condition I have lived with daily since childhood with several bald spots as scars. This was linked to an excessive amount of stress and scarcity around money and survival. I also wanted to get to the bottom of the self-sabotaging role I play in romantic relationships.

After the first session with Dr Liz, I walked away with all the brain pain instantly gone. My head and neck was completely pain free. It was a miracle!

After the second session with Dr Liz, we released the fears around survival, scarcity and money blocks. This resulted in manifesting 7 thousand dollars over the next 7 days which was a goal we set together. This was mind blowing magic!

My third and final session with Dr Liz was the biggest breakthrough of my entire life. It revealed a traumatic past life to which I birthed 3 children who were all taken from me as I was in a psychic ward. The hair pulling was an ingrained behavior from this past life, as well as the present life programming. By addressing this, we released the traumas which had manifested in an auto immune disorder I have been suffering with for over 10 years. It helped shape understanding as to why childbirth has always been my number one fear. Lastly, the hair pulling has completely ceased. A 30 year condition, gone after one session!

I can honestly say Dr Liz is an earth angel who was the answer to my prayers. She is not only a doctor and a healer, she is a gifted soul who is creating miracles and changing lives.

For the first time in my life, I am no longer weighed down by habits and suffering that caused me so much pain and grief.

My heart is free, my soul is healed and I am open to love, abundance and blessings.

Most of all, I know I am worthy and free to be me, not that of the past life or the present life programming. Thank you Liz, you have been my soul saving grace.¨

- Jennifer Lee