Dr. Liz

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Meet Dr. Liz

Certified Practitioner in Emotion & Body Code & Angelic Healing

Dr. Liz is a retired clinical psychologist with 15 years of experience working with clients that have suffered from anxiety, depression, trauma and a whole host of other personal pains. She has evidence-based training and mind-body training that includes a certification in Yoga (200 RYT), certification in the use of therapeutic grade essential oils and healing emotions (Aroma Freedom Technique), EFT and Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner.

Upon completion of the certification in Emotion Code and seeing the dramatic improvements in clients lives, Dr. Liz knew it was time to pursue a career shift that included a focus on Energy Healing . She left her psychotherapy practice to move into the field of Energy Healing fully.

Since then, she has completed additional trainings to further her skills and healing offerings. Dr. Liz completed a Level I & II certification in Shamanic Reiki. In 2019, Dr. Liz completed The Angelic Healing Certification program and in 2021 she completed her certification in Ho'oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian practice. Throughout her career and personal experiences, Dr. Liz has come to understand that healing occurs when we include and honor all aspects of self.